Womens 2XU Pwx Compression Top

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Womens 2XU Pwx Compression Top

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Product description

The womens 2XU PWX short sleeve compression top is part of the PWX Perform range of compression clothing. PWX Perform Active Use compression apparel is designed to provide a powerful base layer compression garment that enhances your performance with unparalled breathability, moisture management and flexibility

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The ladies 2XU PWX compression top is a powerful, breathable short sleeved compression top which features graduated engineering for added support and comfort, and enhanced delivery of oxygenated blood to those weary muscles. PWX compression tops for women are a product of 2XUs ongoing research and innovation and their commitment to creating compression garments of the highest quality. The new 2XU PWX collection of compression clothing is divided into three distinct groups of compression wear to ensure you are able to pick the perfect performance attire for your needs. Power, Weight and Flex combined to suit you! The womens 2XU PWX compression top features the trademark features of the PWX range, constructed using high gauge elastomeric yarn, superior medical grade circular knit structure and delivering 360 degree stretch, flexibility and power. Consummate aesthetics, scientific and researched functionality, and developed to suit you, the consumer, we think womens 2XU PWX Perform compression tops have attributes to satisfy the highest demands. Tip: Check the attached womens 2XU PWX Compression Top Size Guide to ensure you buy the perfect compression short sleeve.