Pink Waterproof Strapping

Product code: 088071

Pink Waterproof Strapping - 2.5cm x 5m

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Product description

For use in your team's First Aid kit, this Washproof Tape in Pink helps to secure dressings in place during play.

The high adhesive backing makes it an ideal option for moist environments - particularly suitable for sweaty football players. It has a waterproof design with a latex-free blend that helps to reduce the risk of irritation. When it comes to wrapping awkward body parts including joints, this dressing tape effectively moulds to provide the closest fit. Provided in a large 5-meter roll, it is packaged in a durable plastic container which can be stored for extended periods of time and in compact environments.

Features include:

- Waterproof design that is impervious to water and oil
- Pink colour is easy to identify without distracting from continued gameplay
- High adhesive backing for reliable wound dressing
- Provided in a durable plastic case.