Velcro Net Ties

Product code: 085201

For safety and ease during all football sessions, these Velcro Net Ties are a handy resource to have on your person.

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Product description

Supplied in a large pack of 50, each easy-to-use tie features a velcro inner and woven outer material. Designed to be used to attach soccer nets to posts or when storing nets for transport, they are easily opened and closed according to your needs. Each one can be used by individuals of all skill levels without the risk of injury and can be stored in a compact manner when your team travels.

Reliable and economical, they offer a time-saving alternative to traditional ties and can be used for football games of varying skills.

Features include:

  • A safe and easy method for attaching soccer nets to different supports

  • A large and economic pack size suitable for football teams of all sizes

  • Hook and loop tape design that can be used in all different environments