Nike Striker IV Jersey Long Sleeve

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Dedicated to supporting the skills of your striker, the Nike Striker IV Jersey Long Sleeve has been recently revamped.

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Product description

As part of the brand's extensive team wear collection, these jerseys have a classic versatility that lends itself to any team. Using Dry-FIT technology, the super soft material uses moisture control to draw perspiration away from the skin and leave you feeling drier as you're put through your paces. Mesh panels have been incorporated throughout to further improve air circulation while the V neckline ensures you won't experience any restriction of movement.

Choose from ten different colour options to suit your team strip and step in line behind football giants such as Lewandowski and Lineker.

Features include:

  • A high-performance football jersey that embodies the Nike signature styling

  • Ten colourways to choose from, ensuring you'll match your existing kit

  • Enhanced breathability and manoeuvrability throughout every training regime or match day

More Features and Benefits

The celebrated Nike Striker football jersey has been made over and revamped. Part of our extensive range of Nike football kits and teamwear, these soccer shirts offer a touch of class for teams that want to take the game to the opposition and dominate the pitch from start to finish.

The long sleeved version of the football shirt is changed from the previous vertical panel to contrast at the shoulder area. Bold style combined with performance knowledge to create a kit that will be at home on any ground around the country.

Nike Dri-Fit fabric draws sweat away from the skin, helping to keep you dry and comfortable as you play. Mesh panels are cleverly incorporated into the Park VI top for enhanced breathability. A V neck collar means that Striker 4 jerseys do not restrict freedom of movement.

Another big thumbs up of this new design is the solid range of colours. Distinctiveness is important for any football team, top flight or the lower tiers, and this strip is available in an impressive ten colourways. Superb value, assured quality, and a colour to match most needs makes for a winning combination. The list of top strikers is long and illustrious. Players like Lewandowski and Lineker, Greaves and Kane, take your pick, we all have our favourites. It is an excellent style name for a shirt, and the Nike Striker IV football jersey moves the style forward. Worthy of consideration by any team manager.

Anticipated lifecycle: 2016 to Mar 2019.