Plastic Barrel Stirrup Pump

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Plastic Barrel Stirrup Pump

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Product description

This Stirrup Pump Plastic Barrel is designed to offer a lightweight and labour-reduced alternative to hand pumps.

Suitable for inflating a range of different sports balls, it has a vertical design with floor foot pump. This reduces the risk of back injury and bending down during use, thereby minimising the labour required. The lightweight plastic design is durable enough for repeated use while slipping easily into car boots or other transportation methods. The pump has a secure adaptor that fits more standard footballs and will stay in place as it inflates.

This stirrup pump offers exceptional value with a practical function.

Features include:

- A lightweight but durable design that is ideal for away games
- Suitable for inflating everything including airbeds, pushballs and swim inflatables
- A range of adaptors supplied for versatility.