Stanno Gk Protection Shirt

Product code: 415201C

From the complete collection tailored for goalkeepers, the Stanno Gk Protection Shirt is an exceptional piece of kit.

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    Player name and number

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    Club and sponsor logos

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Product description

Providing everything you need in a protective undershirt, this garment has a form-fitting construction that won't bulk or ride up during play. High-quality padding to the arms and shoulders create a barrier between harsh impacts and your skin below. This full coverage top features long sleeves for use in all weather conditions with a round neck that blends in well with your existing team strip. Designed to sit discreetly, it allows you to get on with blocking every potential kick that flies in your direction.

The Stanno GK Protection Shirt is a must-have addition for any keeper.

Features include:

  • Additional protective padding to the shoulders and arms to protect joints and reduce the risk of serious injury
  • A versatile black colour that won't clash or offend your existing football kit
  • Body-hugging fit that won't restrict movement during play

More Features and Benefits

Stanno GK protection jerseys offer everything you need in a protective goalie undershirt, value, quality and performance. Padded to the arms and shoulders, long sleeved with round neck, and tight fitting to wear under clothing, the Stanno goalkeeper protection shirt is a must for any keeper.