Spare Linesmans Flags

Product code: 085336

Both red and yellow flag included. Suitable for football games from both lower tier and Premier League levels, these Spare Linesmans Flags ensure you never find yourself short on resources.

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Product description

With their universal design, these spare flags can be used by linesmen of all skill levels and help to identify when a player is offside during a game. Each one is lightweight and can be folded into a compact dimension for easy transportation and storage. This replenishment pack of universal sizes linesman flags make sure your entire football team is equipped to perform their job to the best of their ability.

This pack offers both a red and yellow flag to suit all your in-game needs.

Features include:

  • A lightweight and durable mesh-like construction that can be used by linesmen of all skills

  • The perfect replenishment purchase for larger football clubs and one that can be stored aside until required

  • Each flag is delivered in a universal size to suit all needs