Skillbuilder Soccer Kit

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Skillbuilder Soccer Kit

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Product description

Perfect for clubs just starting out, this Skillbuilder Soccer Kit is a comprehensive collection of everything you'll need.

This large kit contains 1 set of flexible markers (30 markers), 20 nylon bibs (10 red & 10 blue), 16 soccer balls, 5 passing arcs, 2 x 10 ball carry nets, 1 skill book and 1 Keykit holdall. When used together, these items help to develop the skills and professional nature of all players while making sure your team is ready for the entire season. For easy storage, everything can be packed away inside the holdall and transported to the location of your next session.

This kit is perfect for players of all ages and skills.

Features include:

- A large and comprehensive collection of essential training tools
- Durable nylon holdall can be used for both storage and transportation
- All manufactured by a leading industry brand.