Senior Continental Style Nets For Socketed Goals

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Senior Continental Style Nets For Socketed Goals

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Product description

These Senior Continental Style Nets are a great way of showing international support within your club.

They are suited to installation with socketed nets although are not specified for use with any specific model. Each one is manufactured using a high tenacity knotless design that allows each individual colour to shine out proudly. When fitted appropriately, they display rows of alternating colour which can be picked out at a distance and provide an attractive alternative to plain white nets.

These continental style nets are designed specifically for socketed goals.

Features include:

- A unique unknotted design which allows the individual colours to show clearly
- Continental style alternative to knotted plain white design
- Suitable for socketed goals
- Available in a range of different colour combinations to suit your needs
- Will fit goals of 7.32m x 2.44m (24' x 8') dimensions.