Nike Strike Fa Cup Football

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The official cup replica ball, the Nike Strike Fa Cup Football ensures every player in your team will achieve their personal bests.

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Product description

With a durable panelled TPU casing, these hardwearing footballs offer a soft impact for all manner of training regimes. The eye-catching graphic printed across the entire ball has been designed to make it quicker to identify visually and improves hand-eye-coordination or all positions. A reinforced rubber bladder provides heightened durability and shape retention with a ball that won't have you reaching for the inflator pump after every game.

Constructed from 12 individual panels, the ball also boasts a textured casing for heightened performance.

Features include:

  • Contrasting and powerful visual for easy tracking
  • Butyl bladder has been included for enhanced air retention
  • Manufactured from a 60% rubber, 15% polyurethane, 13% polyester and 12% EVA design
  • Available in sizes 3, 4 and 5

More Features and Benefits

Take your shot at giant killing with one of these fantastic FA Cup replica footballs. The Nike Strike FA Cup ball features a panelled TPU Casing for a soft touch and feel, a reinforced bladder for improved durability and shape retention. The detail of the print is a stylistic feature that offers genuine benefits. Players are able to track these balls more easily.

Product features

Available in sizes 3, 4 and 5 - while stocks last! Butyl bladder for enhanced air retention. High contrast graphics. Machine stitched. 60% rubber/15% polyurethane/13% polyester/12% EVA.