Net Peg Extractor

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Net Peg Extractor

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Product description

This Net Peg Extractor has been designed for the ease and versatility of your set-up process.

An essential accessory to any team, it reduces the risk of back injury when removing net peg from the floor. The ergonomic plastic handle sits comfortably within your hand while the extended metal hook can be slipped underneath pegs and used to shift them out of the ground. Eliminating the need to bend over or get down on all fours, it simplifies the entire close down process and allows people of all skills to perform this task.

This net peg extractor is sure to become a vital tool that you'll question why you didn't have earlier.

Features include:

- A durable plastic and metal construction for reliable removal
- Elongated design to eliminate the risk of back injury
- Suitable for use with people of all skill levels