Molten Indoor Football

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Molten Indoor Football - Size 4

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Product description

Presented from this brand's increasingly popular range, this ball is available in a size 4 making it ideal for training or youth use. Manufactured with an English felt cover, it has been entirely hand stitched for the ultimate quality and features a latex bladder. Benefiting from a latex bladder, it promises to hold its rounded shape after numerous impacts and will stand the test of time against an intense football season.

Presented in an official size and weight, this ball is suitable for the next league defining game your team is scheduled to play.

Features include:

  • A bright and recognisable pattern that enables players to develop their ball tracking skills

  • Durable and tough construction that stands up against the rigours of repeated and intense use

  • A versatile match-ready ball that can also be used for training regimes

Size Guide

Size Age
3 9 and under
4 9-14
5 14+