Mitre Samba Trainer

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Mitre Samba Trainer - Size 2

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Product description

Designed for use in futsal training sessions, the Mitre Samba Trainer has been slightly weighted to help improve skills.

With it's bright and dynamic design, it can be used to develop ball tracking skills. It has a popular size 2 design that is ideal for improving on your players Brazillian-inspired dribbling skills, technique and touch. It has been carefully weighted to produce an estimated 20% reduced rebound for exceptional control during close ball play. In addition, it helps to improve and encourage a faster level of play which, in turn, works on reaction times of every player.

This vibrant football is one that promises to challenge the most confident members of your club.

Features include:

- Weighted to produce 20% reduced rebound
- Suitable for the game of Futsal
- Dynamic white, yellow and black colour
- Size 2