Mitre Cyclone Indoor Football

Product code: 085048C

Mitre Cyclone Indoor Football

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Product description

Designed specifically for indoor play and the surfaces this entails, it boasts a durable wound nylon construction that holds true against repeated collisions. The high air retention from the butyl bladder allows for good responsiveness in all situations with a 50% low rebound to ensure your aim is highly accurate. With its 18-panel design, it is an improved option above its predecessors and has a moulded felt lining for suitability on interior floors.

Finally, the ball is printed with a bold and dynamic pattern that offers heightened visibility and develops your players ball tracking skills.

Features include:

  • A mid-size 4 design that suits most ages and skills of player

  • Highly noticeable and eye-catching pattern to ensure every player can spot the ball during play

  • An improved design that offers exceptional control on indoor surfaces