Microporous Paper Tape

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Microporous Paper Tape - 2.5cm x 5m

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Product description

Helping to keep your players in the best physical condition throughout the entire season, this Microporous Paper Tape is essential to your First Aid kit.

When it comes to dressing open wounds, cuts and grazes, this adhesive tape can be used to successfully secure bandages. It has a hypoallergenic design that reduces the risk of irritation for those with sensitive skin and conforms to fit awkward body parts. The tape has been made from a lightweight paper with a hand tearable design that eliminates the need for additional tools. Slipping easily into your medical kit, it is an essential addition to your football team.

Suitable for a range of different wounds, this surgical tape is supplied in a compact cardboard box.

Features include:

- Hypoallergenic surgical tape
- Suitable for dressing wounds
- Pliable paper material conforms to different body parts.
- Dimensions: 2.5cm (W) and 5m (L).