Mamba Ball - Size 5

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The ultimate street and freestyle ball

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Product description

A revolutionary alternative to traditional options, the Mamba ball has been designed to further enhance the skills of every player.

It has a range of unique grips that are carefully placed to improve touch, control, accuracy and overall technique. Across the world, this iconic ball has been used by coaches, academics and aspiring stars as the perfect tool for developing confidence. Through testing, it has a FIFA regulation size and weight with a full rubber construction that guarantees a reliable rebound. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, this ball has the capability to hone your freestyle skills to perfection.

The Mamba has a bright and vibrant colour that is sure to maintain a high level of ball traction.

Features include:

- An innovative 1 panel rubber construction suited to freestyle play
- Approved FIFA regulation and size and weight on a size 5 football
- Suitable for playing on the streets

Size Guide

Size Age
3 9 and under
4 9-14
5 14+