Koolpak Ice Pack

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Koolpak Ice Pack White Size - 13.5 x 30cm

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Product description

For tense or aching muscles, the Koolpak Ice Pack is a handy resource to have on hand.

It has a compact design that slips easily into first aid kits while also making it ideal for use on junior players. Unlike other ice packs, this Koolpak option requires no additional equipment - simply squeeze and shake to activate. The ice cold pack comes to its optimal temperature in minutes and is ideal for quickly relieving paints and swelling. They are also successful at soothing headaches or migraines without the need for additional medication.

These ice packs are a perfect option for busy football schools and clubs.

Features include:

- Ideal for treating soft tissue injuries on children
- Compact size is ideal for adding to first aid kits
- Quick relief for pain and swelling