Koolpak Hot And Cold Pack

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Koolpak Hot And Cold Pack

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Product description

This Koolpak Hot and Cold Pack has been designed for convenience.

Manufactured by a leading first aid brand, they are an ideal tool for treating a wide range of soft tissue injuries. The flexible and soft-to-touch pack can be moulded to fit the required area - perfect for awkward limbs including elbows and knees. They can be frozen or heated, dependant on your requirements, and are able to hold their heat or chill longer than a regular pack. Use before or after an important game to help relax tense muscles and relief both aches and pains effectively.

This hot and cold pack can be stored along with the rest of your first aid kit.

Features include:

- A highly effective tool for treating muscular pain
- Suitable for a wide range of soft tissue injuries
- Flexible pack can mould to accommodate limbs