Stanno Ultimate Grip Goalkeeper Gloves

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Stanno Ultimate Grip Goalkeeper Gloves

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Product description

These Stanno Ultimate Grip Goalkeeper Gloves are a must-have for goalies of all skill levels.

Designed for professional use, these comfortable gloves are constructed using the Supersoft Profi Latex - recognised as one of the best materials around. They slip easily on to the hand and have a Rollfinger-System cut which ensures the best grip with maximum glove-to-ball contacts around the crucial index finger area. Meshed panels throughout allows your skin to breath while the flexible knuckles promise not to hinder your movement in any way.

These smart goalie gloves also feature anatomically placed foam for extra cushion during the most intense match situations.

Features include:

- A construction and design by one of the most recognised brands in football wear
- An improved design with Stanno's own Supersoft PROFI latex
- Incredible grip in all conditions