Pre-Season Nike Pitch Training Football Equipment Pack - Full Set

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Pre-Season Nike Pitch Training Football Equipment Pack - Full Set

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Product description

Our Nike Pitch Team Pre-Season football equipment packs offer the perfect solution for getting the campaign off to a flyer or simply topping up your teams soccer essentials.

This super value equipment set includes:
10 Nike Pitch Training Footballs White.
20 Nike Mesh training bibs Yellow - Large.
1 Respect Touchline Barrier.
1 Central Telescopic Pole With Spike Attachment Set.
1 Central Pop Up Goals Pack of 2.
1 Central Ball Bag.
1 Central Training Cone Set with Bag Pack 20.
1 Central Inflator Blue/Black.
1 Central 10 Bottle Set And Carrier.
1 Central Coaching Folder Black/White.

Available in three ball size options.

This training equipment kit is part of our extensive selection of football coaching, fitness and agility products.
We have put together a range of footie equipment sets that represent superb value for money and are ideal for anyone who has a passion for the game. Football clubs, local teams, soccer academies and schools.
Whether you are grass roots and playing for the love of the game or serious contenders going for promotion play-offs, these packs are an excellent choice.

Whatever your level, you want to get to the training ground and enjoy the session. You need to arrive at match day ready to win even if you are only playing for fun.
Our pre-season training pack means you are ready, fully equipped for whatever the season has to offer.