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Nike Footballs

Found : 24 product(s) Showing 24 product(s)
Found : 24 product(s) Showing 24 product(s)

Why buy Nike Footballs?

If you are a Manchester City, PSG, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Athletico Madrid or Galatasaray fan who would love to have a football in your team’s colours, then Nike has the answer. They feature a traditional, machine stitched, panel construction, which is tried and tested when it comes to maintaining the ball’s shape. Put it this way, Nike is so confident about the quality of the manufacture, that they give their ‘club’ balls a 2-year stitch and shape guarantee.

Highlights from the range

In terms of sizes available and 2-year warranty, the same applies to Nike’s top of the range Ordem 4 Football. It is designed for intense play and to maintain shape retention. This ball is a top quality product featuring a blend of materials - 40% synthetic leather, 30% rubber, 20% polyester and 10% cotton. The panels are fuse-welded to ensure optimal touch and response. Nike says that its Aerowtrac groove technology ensures true, accurate ball flight. It is also available in sizes 1, 3m 4 and 5.

Which style of ball should I choose?

Elsewhere in the Nike range, you’ll find balls that are designed for a specific use.

If Futsal is your game, then head for the Nike Premier Futsal Ball. This is an official Futsal ball in terms of size and weight. It also has a textured surface to allow greater touch and feel. It is a brightly coloured ball with bold details, which helps for easier tracking when playing under poor lighting conditions.

The Nike Duro Reflect is also aimed at lovers of the small-sided game. This ball features a reduced bounce and is available in a range of sizes, making it ideal for use as a training ball for youngsters who’re keen to develop their skill and technique.

The Nike AG Duro Football is designed for use on artificial grass. You can also find training balls wthat are made from hard-wearing polyurethane, which will stand up to intense passing and tackling. It has a reinforced rubber bladder for enhanced shape retention as well.

If a Nike match football is on your shopping list, then look no further than the Nike Ordem V Football, like its size 4 counterpart, this full size, regulation standard ball has a restricted six wing bladder to ensure a responsive and consistent surface.

If you want a ball that is designed specifically for a certain type of surface, then the Nike football range is the ideal place to shop.