Football Flick Urban Return Ball

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Urban Flick Return Ball

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Product description

The Football Flick Urban Return Ball is an essential piece of kit and means you can practice not only in groups but also alone.

Great for football training, it allows players to practice shooting, short and long passing, volleying, free kicks and freestyle - and the ball always comes back to you!

Features an easily adjustable cord length for different spaces, distances and drills, this smart piece of equipment will become your personal football trainer in no time, working on any surface, indoor or outdoor.

The Size 5 ball can be removed and also be used independently.

  • The high quality size 5 ball can be removed and used independently for free play.

  • Made from pvc.

  • Size 5 ball.

  • 32 panels.

  • For indoor and outdoor use.

  • Supplied uninflated.