Fitness Tests Multi-Coloured Size - Universal

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Fitness Tests Multi-Coloured Size - Universal

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Product description

Keep the fitness of every player in your team at peak performance with these Fitness Tests.

Supplied as a CD and a corresponding booklet with instructions, this specific fitness test is designed to measure muscular strength and endurance. Using a pre-recorded tempo, this progressive test uses timed beeps to indicate when the player should perform a sit up - in a similar style to a beep test. The results of this test will allow coaches to establish which players do and don't have a suitable back support and core stability.

This fitness test can be used for both men and women and across a wide range of ages to provide an effective and reliable base fitness level.

Features include:

- Easy to set up fitness test that requires minimal equipment
- Can be used to test large groups at a single time
- Simple instruction guide

More Features and Benefits

Comprises of a CD and accompanying booklet.