Football Flick Urban Training Aid

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Improve their skills, precision and accuracy with the help of the Football Flick Urban Training Aid.

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Product description

With its highly unique design, this portable training device offers a 3-dimensional and multi-user experience that encourages players to pass their football into either side. Noted as the world's number 1 trainer of its type, it has been endorsed by world champion John Farnworth and features both a curved or flat ramp. This allows your team to receive the ball back at different heights, speeds and angles to test their capability in a range of different skills.

From ball control through to ball juggling and volleying, it has been used the world over by many professional coaching academies and comes complete with a transport bag.

Features include:

  • A design that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • A curved and flat side to create a range of different training environments for your players

  • Suitable for use by players of all different ages and skill sets