Central Collapsible Cone

Product code: 086311

Central Collapsible Cone - Size - 30cm

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Product description

These Soccer Cones are known and recognised as THE marker cone.

Each of these high-quality cones has been constructed from a thermo plastic. This pliable material provides both a strong durability and a flexible design that squashes down upon impact to reduce the risk of injury. The bright neon orange colour is highly visible from across the pitch while a weighted base provides additional stability during use. They have a stackable design which reduces the need for excessive storage space and allows them to be transported in most standard car boots.

These cones are a practical marker tool for pitch boundaries and training sessions.

Features include:

- A bright and highly visible orange design with a contrasting black weighted base
- Pliable and durable construction that collapses upon impact
- Dimensions: 30cm (12")