Crazy Catch Green Size - 740mm (w) x 740mm(h)

Product code: 7056158

The Crazy Catch Upstart Classic is the ultimate reaction trainer on the market and the only rebounder with both a SANE (consistent rebound) and INSANE side (erratic/random). The Crazy Catch Upstart Classic can help improve your hand eye coordination and reaction speeds as well as having sport specific uses in Cricket, Hockey and Racket Sports training as used by the Ashes winning England Cricket team, GB Hockey Olympic squads and GB Badminton. Crazy Catch Green Size - 740mm (w) x 740mm(h)

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Product description

Experience the unexpected! A Reaction trainer with a difference (Sane and insane side). Ball returns erratically testing your reactive abilities similar to slip practice and ideal to replace the old fashioned slip cradle. Excellent for practicing in group

More Features and Benefits

Buy a Crazy Catch Upstart Classic and you can enjoy the same benefits in your own back garden, or down at your local school or sports club. The Crazy Catch Upstart which gives you exactly the same performance as the bigger models whilst still being strong, robust and easy to fit into a car boot. Crazy Catch Upstart Classic rebound nets feature a new detachable frame that allows the Classic Upstart to be used as a hand held device for close up skills training. Crazy Catch Upstart Classic, the Ultimate Rebound Net for all sports.

Product features

Size: 740mm (w) x 740mm(h). Includes: Crazy Catch level 2 vision ball, Crazy Catch timer, Activity pack with scorecard, Throwing targets, Carry bag. The only two sided rebound net for both SANE and INSANE reactions. Smallest model with rubber feet for indoor and outdoor use. Lightweight and portable; already assembled for instant use. Durable with super strong patented net technology ...Highly strung! Adjustable angled frame for variations in height of the ball return hence range of drills you can perform. Great fun for players of all ages and abilities.