Cone Champ Red/Yellow

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Cone Champ Red/Yellow

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Product description

ConeChamp collects, stacks and stores sports marker cones, such as saucer cones and hurdle cones. After placing marker cones (saucer cones or hurdle cones) onto a playing area ConeChamp is designed to avoid the unpleasant task of having to bend down and

More Features and Benefits

Cone Champ lets you collect, stack and store your training cones, marker cones, saucer cones and hurdle cones with the minimum of effort. After placing your training cones on the play area, Cone Champs the ideal tool to avoid the unpleasant task of having to laboriously bend down and collect each cone by hand. Cone Champ is an attractive option for young and old alike. The extendible Cone Champ simply pushes through each cone, one after another, collecting and holding over 100 cones. What do you do then. Easy, just close the Cone Champ and carry it away!

Product features

Cone Champ comes in a bag witrh 50 cones included. Cone Champ - Champion idea!