Central Inflator

Product code: 085325

The handheld design of this Central Football Pump makes it a handy tool for all different sizes of football club.

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Product description

It has a smooth and durable plastic construction that holds up against the rigours of a competitive season. It comes supplied with a universal adaptor that can be used to inflate a range of different footballs in varying sizes and construction. Simply injected into the inflator valve, the pump can be actioned by people of all skills.

Whether you're preparing a batch of footballs for the next training session or heading off to an away game, this handy pump will ensure your players are able to perform at their optimal capacity.

Features include:

  • Hardwearing plastic barrel construction that sits comfortably in the hand

  • Suitable for inflating a range of different football sizes and brands

  • Supplied as standard with adaptors to increase its versatility and benefits for all clubs

Size Guide

Size Age
3 9 and under
4 9-14
5 14+