Central Cone Ladder Set Red/Yellow Size - Universal

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Central Cone Ladder Set Red/Yellow Size - Universal

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Product description

For players looking to improve specific skills, this Central Cone Ladder Set is a portable training option.

With a design that has been manufactured by an industry leading brand, this handy kit comes packaged in its own carry bag. The entire set contains 20 x speed markers and 10 x 80cm long poles. Simply set up the cones and markers in a ladder design and challenge your players to fast feet across without damaging the layout. These training tools are also ideal for improving the general agility and coordination of all players, regardless of their current skill level.

This portable kit can be used to train juniors, amateurs or professionals alike.

Features include:

- A versatile training tool for developing fast feet, agility and coordination
- Supplied with a custom-made carry bag
- Brightly coloured for easy visibility