Central Coloured Whistles

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Keep your players in order during complicated football training sessions with these Central Coloured Whistles.

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Product description

Each one has been manufactured from a lightweight and durable plastic enabling them to be carried around for extended periods of time. The traditional design is easy to use and produces, when blown, a sharp whistle noise that passes across a football field with ease. This large box of 12 includes an assortment of different coloured whistles, allowing them to be incorporated into your existing team strip or used to identify different individuals around the pitch.

Each whistle comes with a threadable ring, allowing it to be attached to your lanyard for easy transportation.

Features include:

  • An assortment of different colours to identify different players or refs on the pitch
  • A light design that can be hung from lanyards or slipped into pockets without causing additional bulk
  • An easy to use and recognisable device that can be heard from a distance