Central Bullet

Product code: 087030C

A durable and hardwearing training ball, the Central Bullet Football helps to develop the skills of all players.

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Product description

Constructed with a touch polyester lining and high-performance latex bladder, they hold their shape reliably for the entire football season. A soft TPU surface heightens the performance of this 32-panel football while the dynamic outer pattern that challenges ball tracking skills from a distance. Ideal for use on both grass and AstroTurf, it has a good resistance to abrasion with it's high gloss finish and promises to see every player through their paces.

Tough and reliable, the Central Bullet Football is the perfect option for amateur and professional training teams alike.

Features include:

  • A strong construction that promises to stand up to use throughout your entire training schedule

  • Ball tracking design which improves visibility from a distance and in different weather conditions

  • Suitability for use on both grass and AstroTurf - depending on your training options