Central Ball Carry Nets

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Offering high-value service for an exceptional price, these Central Ball Carry Nets are a resource that every team needs.

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Product description

A compact and lightweight tool, these oversized nets can be used to transport and store a large number of footballs at any given time. The large, open design allows air to circulate around each ball, reducing the risk of fermenting mud or other unpleasant odours. They have a versatile design that folds up compactly to fit into any backpack or storage bag and one that won't bulk out your existing kit.

These nets are available in two different sizes to fit either 12 or 6 balls.

Features include:

  • Lightweight and compact net design for all training clubs
  • Can be used to transport and store up to 12 balls, depending on size
  • Mesh design allows air to circulate around all balls
  • They are an inexpensive and economical option for both small and large football teams

More Features and Benefits

A great option for footballs or any larger ball sports, the carry net has the advantage of letting the air circulate. Theyre versatile and best of all, inexpensive!