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Football in film

Sport and movies have a chequered history together, and football is no exception. For every Escape to Victory there are multiple films that should have been left on the cutting room floor. And then burnt.

So what's a football fan to do when looking for a film to watch that celebrates the beautiful game in all its glory? Well, hopefully, this infographic will help.

We've put this together to help guide you to the perfect football movie for you. To start we've looked at highest grossing films, just to give you an idea of what films have been successful in the past. But of course, just because a film has made a lot of money doesn't mean it's worth watching. After all, Phantom Menace made about a billion pounds at the box office and no one’s rushing to see that again. So we've also included a 'critic choice' selection that recommends a football movie to match your mood. We've picked out the funniest films, the best films about managers, the best films about fans and even the best documentaries about football. We're sure a lot of you are already wondering; that's great, but can I get any of these on Netflix? So we've also singled out the best films about football available on Netflix too.

To finish up we've covered those footballers who've made the leap onto the silver screen. Sure, you probably knew that Vinnie Jones has carved out a career in Hollywood. But were you also aware of Ian Wright's attempt at acting? An attempt that was cruelly denied the Oscar it deserved on the minor issue of his crippling lack of acting talent.