Antiseptic Wipes White

Product code: 088081

An essential addition to your First Aid Box, replenish your stocks with these Antiseptic Wipes.

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Product description

Should one of your players find themselves with a cut or graze, these single-use moist wipes can be used to remove dirt from the wound. The antiseptic properties work to eliminate the risk of infection without the need for large bottles or bulky products. Each wipe is supplied individually packaged to keep them moist at all times and ensures your kit stays stocked up at all times. And for convenience, they come in a handy cardboard box for quick refill.

Ensure you're prepared to all manner of minor injuries with these easy-to-use antiseptic wipes.

Features include:

  • Individually wrapped wipes to help with quick use and maintain the moist design
  • Alcohol-free design eliminates the risk of irritation against sensitive skin
  • Suitable for use in all First Aid Boxes and by people with minimal medical skills