Acme Tornado 635 Whistle

Product code: 085346

The Acme Tornado 635 Whistle is a handy and reliable tool for every referee.

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Product description

If you're looking to create a widely heard noise, it offers the loudest whistle on the marker with a three barrel design that funnels air out successfully. A popular choice for a range of different sports, the high pitched and unique noise that emits from the Tornado 635 whistle is one that will definitely turn heads and capture the attention of every player. It comes complete with a connecting look which allows it to be strung on to your existing lanyard for convenient transportation.

Unlike any other whistle available, this model requires a strong blow but offers so much more at an exceptional price.

Features include:

  • A unique and one-of-a-kind design that puts you above other referees in your league
  • A three barrel construction to filter air through evenly
  • The loudest whistle noise available to date