Acme 660 Whistle Black

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Acme 660 Whistle Black

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The Acme Thunderer 660 whistle is the value for money workhouse of Acme whistles. Incredibly popular and low priced, the Acme 660 small black plastic whistle is hard to beat. Acme Thunderer 660 whistles have been blown in any sports environment that you care to mention. Football referees around the world and at every level of the game have employed the Acme 660 whistle to control the action. Waterproof, compact, robust, easy to blow...and inexpensive! The Acme Thunderer 660 ticks all the whistle boxes. At Clubline Football, we think this Acme whistle is a little stunner. There is no excuse not to have at least one in your equipment bag - the Acme Thunderer 660 is economical to buy and easy to use.

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Acme Thunderer 660 - small, black plastic whistle. 
Dimensions: 5cm (L) x 1.8cm (W) x 2cm (H).